Frequently Asked Questions

What is it like being hypnotised?

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Being hypnotised is when a hypnotherapist encourages you to go into a state of trance. This is merely a relaxed state, where you are able to allow your conscious mind to wander, and your subconscious mind to focus on solving problems. We go in and out of trance many times a day- when you're driving your car on a familiar route, when you're out for a jog, when you're watching the TV. It is a daydreaming state where your thoughts focus on something other than what is in front of you. When you daydream in front of the TV and someone calls your name, or asks you a question, you are able to come out of trance and back to reality quickly and easily. The same is true of the trance on the hypnotherapist's couch.


Will I still be in complete control?
Of course you will still be in complete control. Just like when you're daydreaming, when you are on the hypnotherapist couch, you are fully in control of your mind and your thoughts. Your subconscious will reject any suggestions made that it does not agree with. There is no magic or trickery in hypnotherapy. So, whilst we cannot make you think you're a chicken, we also cannot magically fix your problems or make you happy overnight. What we are able to do is help you discover your own resources and problem solving abilities to move closer towards your goals, and develop strategies to gain control of unwanted habits. You need to want to make these changes, otherwise hypnotherapy will not work for you.


How many sessions will I have?
We have an expression "as many as you need and not one more'. It's hard to say as people are so different. Smoking cessation is usually just one or two sessions and phobias are usually four sessions. Anxiety issues may be longer, but you are the best judge of how may session you need.

Will I need to tell my GP I am seeing a hypnotherapist?

That is your decision. It is always a good idea to tell your GP that you are having hypnotherapy as having people working together as a team for you is the best way to manage your health and wellbeing. We would not contact your GP unless you asked us to*

 *(except in legal requirements eg child endangerment, concern that you may harm yourself or others. Details available in our code of conduct documents)

How Do I Book An Appointment And What Does it Cost?

You can book by phoning the reception team at CCR on 02920 764611

Sessions are sixty pounds an hour. 

Evening Sessions are sixty-five pounds an hour. 

What if I need to cancel my appointment?

Please let us know as soon as you can, we always try to be flexible and understanding. A very late cancellation may incur a fifteen pound booking fee.

Can Anyone Be Hypnotised?

If you have an imagination and can day dream then yes. People with some psychiatric diagnoses may not find hypnotherapy suitable. People

on the autistic spectrum may also not find hypnotherapy suitable (although some may). You will need to speak the same language as your hypnotherapist too. At North Cardiff we offer hypnotherapy in English. If you require another language we will do our best to find you another hypnotherapypractice that can help you. Please contact us for further details on any of the above.


Can Children Have Hypnotherapy?

Yes they can. I do our very best to make the appointments fun for children and teens. Please ask to see my DBS clearance. I do require the parent or guardian to come to the appointments and to sign a consent form.

What can we help with?

Can hypnotherapy help with chemotherapy?

IMPORTANT: Results may vary from person to person. Please always consult your Doctor first.


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