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SFBT is a talking therapy which is suitable for individuals, couples and families.The aim of SFBT is to start from where you are now and work towards the solutions that are based on your best hopes for the situation,rather than looking at the cause of the problems, we will be looking at solutions. Sometimes people come to therapy without a clear idea of what their best solution might be and my role is to use well founded solution focused language to help you recognise your own strengths and abilities, because by making the best use of your resources, you can bring about lasting change in building your solutions. My aim is for the therapy to be brief, and I achieve that by being future focused. Please do get in touch if you'd like further details of the solution focused brief therapy approach. 


Hypnotherapy is a two step process, the first part is talking together using a solution focused approach to help you decide what your best hopes for the sessions are. The second part is the trance part. Hypnosis has been around since ancient times, indeed it is the Greek word for sleep. A bit of a misnomer really, as trance is more akin to a day dream state than a night time sleep state. You will be in control at all times and be aware of what is happening. People generally find it a very peaceful experience, rather like listening to a story on the radio while feeling very relaxed. Hypnotherapy may help with fears, phobias and stress and anxiety. Stress and anxiety can have a significant effect on our happiness and our wellbeing, and clients can feel in quite some distress when they come to see me. My aim is to help you feel that you are more able to choose your reaction to stressful and fearful thoughts rather than feel that the thoughts control you. To find out if hypnotherapy may be helpful to you, you can contact me on this website, or by email or by phone for a free chat.

Rewind Technique for PTSD and Phobias

I am trained by Dr David Muss and am able to offer rewind techniques. Please contact me for details. 


I founded the Diploma in Medical Hypnotherapy with Dr Rachel Gillibrand

and I have trained other hypnotherapists in how to support people with significant health challenges. I may be able to help you cope with your chronic illness, manage your persistent pain or help you deal with your IBS, for example. In my role as a hospital hypnotherapist I help support people through their chemotherapy. It is important that you consult your medical team before having any complementary therapy, including hypnotherapy. In Medical Hypnotherapy we prefer to work as an addition to your medical team and it's always best that you check with them first. 

I am always happy to answer your questions and always pleased to hear feedback. Please do get in touch.

Dorothea Read

Senior Therapist and Lecturer.


IMPORTANT: Results may vary from person to person. Please always consult your Doctor first.

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